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How to dismantle the instant koi pond

How easy is it to extend an Instantpond®?

It’s very easy to extend your koi pond.


Pump out pond. Remove liner.

Remove coping and brick slips.

Remove the required pond wall sections. If you are removing all of the wall sections
care should be taken to support the last two sections as they are unbolted.

Clean all joints, prepare base and fit the new sections following the instructions,

as these will vary, we can send out instructions for your particular build.

Any questions about dismantling just give Richard a call at Atlantica Gardens

Thanks for watching.


How to seal/ fit a 316 stainless steel koi pond window using fiberglass or silicon

If you were thinking of putting a window in your raised pond, we believe the easiest way is to

fit one of our patented pond window frames, they are fish friendly and have a lifetime guarantee.

The installation couldn't be easier, you simply block up to the bottom of the window height,

put a bed of mortar down on the blocks and level the frame on the mortar. There are lugs on

the end of the frame that match the block work, so they just get built in with the wall.
If you wanted an infinity style window, we send the infinity frames out as four sided for stability

in transport and installation but once installed you simply angle grind through where marked to

give an open top for the glass. As you can see from the video the fiberglass and the silicone for

the liner adhere really well when the stainless is keyed and clean. 

The frames have easy to follow fitting instructions. Any questions about fitting a window just

give Richard a call at Atlantica Gardens, thanks for watching.


How to seal a Butyl Liner to a Glass Koi Pond Window

The Gordon Low liners we sell come with a lifetime guarantee and can cope with an amazing

amount of movement as shown in the video. We put three beads of Aquamate silicone onto

the glass and the stainless but it is only the edge where the liner joins the two surfaces that

takes all the strain so a really good grip from the silicone and a good show of strength from

the liner. The piece of glass in the video weighs 30 kilos, we know the liner wont get that

much movement in your pond but it's nice to know that it can bond really well just for that

added peace of mind. The box liners have a 20 year guarantee and are ideal for fitting into

wooden ponds where movement would be expected and also where you need a flat surface

with no creases in the liner when fitting a frame for a window. The box liners when fitted

to brick/block ponds can accommodate the fall to a bottom drain to make a perfect fit. It would

be a massive amount of work to change the liner in a pond with this type of setup that's why

we fitted a top quality liner.


Bringing the Outside-Inside 2: Atlantica Gardens

Our thanks to Richard Taylor for allowing us to use the video of his new outdoor koi pond seen

through a basement window. I think you will agree it's turned out to be a very attractive feature.
The advantage of our frames can be clearly seen here, with the glass at the front of the wall as they

allow all your favourite fish to swim closer into the room for viewing. You can see a range of

different size frames on our website--and thanks for watching.

This frame was designed to go through a 320 mm wall so was made to 330 mm to allow for the

render to go to the frame edge. The finished size of the frame was 1200 x 670 mm. So if you

need a particular size you can see a range of different size frames on our website but we can

make any size or type of frame to suit your needs--and thanks for watching


Pond Window My Rating: 5 Stars


Koi pond window design by Atlantica Gardens

The pond in the picture is an 80' long liner pond with 20,000 gallons. It is designed with a

formal sunken garden so that a window could be fitted, the rest of the pond is grass edged

and has lilies and irises of different colors as well as a variety of marginal plants for the fish

to grub around in.

There is a bridge over the pond which leads you down to the sunken garden and barbecue 

area. If you are using hollow concrete blocks and prefer to have a rendered finish and not

see the frame as in the picture, you just need to key the frame and render up to a wooden

guide, which will give a straight edge.


This pond was rendered and painted about eight years ago and still looks good. If you have any 

questions about pond design or fitting a window in any type of pond just ask, if we can help we

will. Thanks for watching.


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