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Unique metal artworks designed for public areas, home, garden & corporate spaces...


Richard Clapham (1950) & Richard James Clapham PhD (1985) founders of Atlantica Gardens Ltd



*This website page is currently being updated, with online products to be launched for sale in the Summer of 2017.

We are still accepting bespoke arkwork requests. Please contact us for more information.




Overview / Background

All artwork is designed by Richard Clapham (1950) & Richard James Clapham PhD (1985) the founders of Atlantica Gardens Ltd. We have been fabricating bespoke stainless steel products for Atlantica Gardens for over ten years. We are now providing handcrafted sculptures to be bought through our online store. Our chosen material is 316 (marine grade) stainless steel construction this will never rust and is a extremely strong structure this allows us to provide a life time guarantee on the material.


We hope you enjoy the artwork. Please contact us for bespoke orders.




Fantasy Fairy / Ballet Dancer Sculptures

Our first ever commissioned sculptures were the full size dancers produced for a local wedding venue formed from 316 stainless steel mesh. The venue is located in a beautiful forest with open spaces in which our sculptures are positioned. Found amongst the trees the elegant artworks increase the magical feel of the pathways leading to main barn. The ballet dancers are created in enchanting and dynamic forms, enhanced by their flowing dresses, a strong contrast to static statues. The figures and dresses are fabricated from 316 stainless steel wire mesh which creates the wonderful translucent effect. At night the ballet sculptures are illuminated by white led spot lights, bringing atmosphere to the party events.


The five figurative sculpture are hand crafted, if you have any variation on the design that u wish to introduce please contact us and we gladly help to adapted the figures.


Large Stone Spheres

The oldest known sphere sculptures are the Stone spheres of Costa Rica dated to around 500-1500 CE. The spheres range in size from a several centimetres to over 2 metres (6.6 ft) in diameter, weighing up to 15 tons.


In homage to these ancient artworks, our outdoor stone spheres we have created are built with hundreds of smaller stones/ pebbles. This technique although laborious produces and beautiful and natural effect where the sculptures can enhance nearly any landscape or space. The sculptures are extremely heavy and require fork lift access to install the work into location. Each sphere is made bespoke to order choosing between stones, dimensions and the option of adapting the piece into a water feature. The water feature product requires a stainless steel fabricated base, these sculptures create a beautiful effect as they are illuminated form inside which interacts with the running water.


Our more recent modern spheres have a simplified design by using stainless steel sections to interrupt the forms, these sculptures are a strong difference from the organic natural feel of the stone sculptures. These designs can be made in various metals and colors please let us know your preferences.


Origami Birds

We have designed many types’ bird sculptures ranging in type, size and gestures. These beautiful works are hand crafted from hundreds of small pieces of steel. The layering of the sections creates the effect of feathers. This fabrication technique creates a sculpture which will last a life time as the stainless steel is extremely strong. These bird sculptures help to bring back a bit of nature to the garden.

Heron/ Eagle/ Owl

These large realistic birds are also useful for the protection for koi keepers as the life like style helps to prevent herons and also pigeons away from the area.


Koi / Fish

We have producing precision bespoke stainless koi ponds and window kits for many years we are now creating stainless steel sculptures of koi carp to go alongside. These sculptures can be found in a couple of garden centres and koi farms across the UK. We have tried to produce a dynamic feel to these artworks; we typically design the fish to be in formed into a position to represent leaping out of the water.


As the colouring of koi carp is a key factor of keeping koi the bespoke sculptures can be airbrushed to replicate the details of a chosen fish. Please provide us with as detailed photos as possible for this option. This will aid the processes involved in making the realistic life like patterns.


We have always had a keen interest in fish and our high-speed robotic fish project was acheived great results. The developed robotic fish, iSplash-II, was the first robot capable of outperforming real Carangiform fish in terms of average maximum velocity (measured in body lengths/ second) and endurance, the duration that top speed is maintained.




We are extending the range of animals to foxes, cats and more, the same style that is seen through all our work will be seen in these pieces. For a more unique fine art style of sculpture please keep an eye out for our original works for sale on the Saatchi gallery website this summer 2017.



Dandelions / Flowers


The Dandelion sculptures are available in two standard heights 3ft and 6ft. With three materials to choose from 316 (marine grade) stainless steel construction (will never rust and is a extremely strong structure), Copper and lastly Corten Steel (which produces a slow rust look over time, which can be seen on many famous public sculptures such as the Angel of the North by Antony Gormley, located in Gateshead in Tyne and Wear, England).


For Dandelion designs greater than 10ft a strong foundation is needed, designs for the foundation will be included with the sculptures. For the 3ft and 6ft dandelions a choice of base is possible, in which the sculpture can be located on flat solid base such as concrete which requires a large flat base or the dandelion can be located on a soft base such as grass therefore the sculpture can be modified to have an invisible stand which is secured firmly within the ground.


The Dendelions are hand constructed (like all our sculptures found here) with an intricate design. The head of the flower is design to be realistic providing a beautiful effect. When a group of large scale dandelion sculptures are positioned at a close distance within the garden, so that people can walk in between the stems it provides a beautiful fantasy feel to the area. Locating the dandelions either side of a pathway has also proven successful in creating a fantastic atmosphere.


Daises and more flowers...

We also have modern designs of increased scale daises available, these artworks are sprayed in polka-dot colors or unique solid colours to provide a clean modern / contemporary feel to the sculpture. Arranged in single or multiple flowers pieces. These pieces are typically fabricated from stainless steel but if you or your customer requires a bespoke material please let us know.


Metal Mushrooms / Toadstools

The large scale mushroom sculptures are created for indoor and outdoor positioning. These sculptures are formed with a stainless steel framework, this is created by a technique of stretching the thick material slowly by the use of a vise and hammer until we bend the sheet into the desired shape. These works are given a modern/ contemporary look by spray unique designs on to the large top surfaces. Our colours/ styles are the solid colours, blue & dark blue polka dots, red & white blue polka dots and the spirals. But any colour is possible if you require a bespoke item. The latest concept design increases the scale of a flat top mushroom to the height of 12ft this provides an area to walk underneath the dome of the mushroom.


On request these garden sculptures can also be adapted to be used as outdoor seating. Although the standard stainless models are very strong this will require additional strengthening
of the product.



Abstract / Art Discs

Our Art Discs are one of our favourite pieces to design. We start by sketching down many ideas usual an art piece will stick to one theme and have slightly variations with the design. Such as our butterfly design which contains a 20 butterfly arrangement. Theses sculpture we designed to be elegant and elaborate but still clean to provide a modern edge. These pieces are usually design with butterflies, flowers, abstract swirls and elaborate details, reminiscing of William Morris artworks.


Each design is sketched, digital created and then laser cut into the chosen material. Fabricated from either 316 (marine grade) stainless steel or corten steel so that the large discs will stay rigid in even the toughest weather conditions due to these durable materials. Depending on the size of sculpture chosen the thickness of the material will normally be approximetly 5mm this provides a very professional feel to the artwork. These peices are great to hang on walls of gardens, parks , zoos and are ideal for site-specific sculptures. If you have a bespoke design or fine art work in mind and require a flat disc or square laser cut sculpture please let us know.


Kinetic Wind-powered Sculptures

A large modern kinetic wind-powered sculptures provide a mesmerizing experience due to the movement of the organic natural forms. These sculptures are first digital modelled and animated to insure the practicality of the design. Once this stage is complete the fabrication of the individual sections is started. The twist and curved-metal sections are then offset to each other at precise degrees to replicate the proven kinetic digital model. The installation of a modern large scale wind-powered art piece makes a sculpture gardens unlike any other. Due to the spinning motion of the work we advise that the sculptures range in height from approximately 6 to 28-feet tall. The installation requires a solid base and instructions will be given for each bespoke piece so that they can be safely installed on site.




Site Visit/ Delivery

Site visits from the artists are possible and sometimes necessary, we always ask for images before anything bespoke is started so we can gauge the surround area, access for installation and dimensions. We then discuss how to make the artwork, initial ideas, rough sketches, materials, sizes, and price.

The materials used come with lifetime guarantees the 316 (marine grade) stainless steel constructions will never rust and is an extremely strong structure.


Larger bespoke sculptures can be personally delivered by the artist. All artwork can be delivered internationally. Please enquire for prices. Even large sculptures can be fabricated in sections and constructed on site for convenience.




Saatchi Art Gallery

Coming soon... Our original artwork sold on the online Saatchi Art Gallery, to be found here.

We can provide international shipping for our sculptural pieces.





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